Interesting stuff around the Net

Here will be posted a lot of sites with interesting articles and speeches that relate to income inequality.

Here’s an article by One Pissed Off Liberal or OPOL that really lays out how our government is the best government money can buy.  Its called I Don’t Blame Obama,

Here is an article by zigzag at Daily Kos that points out just how few people are really the ones that the tax cut for the rich is for.  It is amazing that all of this effort is being put forth just to enrich so few people.  Here is the article, .

Tom Kroll has a good article at, “How the Oligarchs Took America” at,

Bernie Sanders has a great article, “The Billionaires Want More, More, More” at,

And here is a Bernie Sanders speech on the same subject, great speech at,

Paul Krugman has a disturbing article, ” There Will Be Blood” at,

Here’s a fact full article by G. William Domhoff, “Wealth, Income, and Power” at ,

There’s Nicolas Kristof’s article, “Our Banana Republic”, found at;

Then there’s his follow up article, “A Hedge Fund Republic”, found at;

There is Bill Moyer’s speech at Boston University, “Welcome to the Plutocracy”,  it can be found at;

Then there is George Carlin’s, “The American Dream” rant.  If anything it is more relevant now then when he did it.  It is here;

Here is an article from Pew Research on how bad things are getting, “Inside the Middle Class:  Bad Times Hit the Good Life”.  You can find it at;

Here is an excellent diary by Avenging Angel at Daily Kos;

Here is one by ‘war on error’ that lays out what the tax increase or expiration is actually about;

There is a new site set up by millionaires in support of letting the Bush tax cuts expire;

Here is a story with some interesting comparisons on income inequality;

Here is an article that sets out just how unequal we really are;

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