This site is a call to reverse the takeover of our government by the plutocracy.  The rich have bought members on both sides of the aisle in order to get legislation passed favorable to them.  Somewhere along the way an active portion of the rich and big corporations have decided they owe this country nothing and should not have any taxes or regulations upon them.  I hold that this is totally wrong and immoral.  Each citizen of this country owes it to this country to pay their fair share.  This fair share should be, at a minimum to pay your taxes in order to help your fellow citizens as well as yourself.  A well-functioning public education system is a must in order to level the playing field for all Americans.  At present the rich have their private schools and are given a big leg up from the beginning.  They have waged a war on public education for years.  It is not in their interest to have a well educated, critical thinking electorate.  That kind of electorate is not so easily led in the direction the plutocracy chooses.  At present they have large numbers of people tricked into voting for the interests of the plutocracy even against their own interests.  This would not happpen in a well-educated and well-informed populace.  The second part of that statement brings to mind the power of the media.  In recent years the media has been failing very badly in the job of the media.  We now have major television and radio stations that regularly promote outright lies and falsehoods as true for purely political advantage.  I do not think this is right.  As just one example, the estate tax.  Why is this such a large issue?  At the 2009 level only estates above 3.5 million are taxed at all.  This is about three in a thousand(0.3%).  This is a very small number of people to be such a major issue.  The reason is that these are very rich people and they have much more influence on our legislatures than their numbers would warrant.  That is why we have heard that even a 3.5 million exemption hurts our economy and our people.  No one seems to really bring up that it doesn’t really effect the small farms that everyone seems to talk about.  If a farm is worth more that 3.5 million it really isn’t a small farm.  There are also very many ways the rich are already able to reduce the size of their estates before they die that are totally legal and they can easily put themselves under the limit.  Anyone who really cared about this issue could take steps to avoid the situation very easily.  There is no reason for this to even be an issue except for the influence of the plutocracy.  There are many, many other examples of how the plutocracy has expanded their influence in our country.  I think it needs to stop and indeed, be reversed.  A strong and growing middle class is essential for our society and government to be successful.  Just because the rich get richer does not make this a successful country for most of our citizens.  On this site we shall explore the facets of our plutocratic takeover along with possible solutions and ways to limit their influence and expand the size and influence of the middle class.  In encouraging a growing middle class I believe it will aid all citizens.  An expanding middle class usually also helps bring people out of poverty and helps shrink the number of people in the lower classes.

As Warren Buffett said, “There’s class warfare, all right, but it’s my class, the rich class, that’s making war, and we’re winning.”  Let’s try to change that.

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