Eat the Rich

Hi. I put this site up several years ago back in 2012. I have pretty much ignored it most of the time since then. For the last couple of years I have finally been working in the IT field. I do systems administration/web development for a company in central Florida. I have learned a lot about WordPress in that time. I have done a lot of Joomla to WordPress migrations in that time and set up hundreds of WordPress sites. So I thought it was about time to straighten up my own sites. I will be trying to get this site cleaned up and get some new content shortly. I still really believe in what this site is about and it seems a lot of other people are agreeing these days. So bear with me and I will try to get this site going.

In looking over these pages I am reminded of just how much the last 7 1/2 years of Republican obstructionism has held us back. Those guys went on strike when the black guy won the White House and even after he did it handily the second time they just got worse. They decided they would screw the American people in the name of politics and gave us the least productive Congress ever. Anyway, more on that later. For now take a look around and check out the dated articles. I will have some new ones soon.

Thank you,